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Hi im 14yrs old, Aries !, and im just looking to make friends and repost and discover new things. im a nice girl but if you mess with my feelings i will mess up your life! have a nice day ! :)


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i probably seem like some major fangirling mental patient to you right now, vince, but holy crap


omg serious

have you seen yourself

youre like one of the hottest guys in the world

and then theres me




That’s how I feel

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September 10th is National Suicide Awareness Day, with September 9th-15th being National Suicide Prevention Week. This is my favorite week of the year, not because I am morbid, but because it is the one week of the year that I can really spread awareness of suicide without judgement from other people. The one week that stigma is set aside and people join together to remember those who have lost their life to suicide or honor those who have attempted and survived. I know the pain of losing someone to suicide; a pain no person should ever have to experience.

Celebrate National Suicide Prevention Week and Awareness Day by getting educated about suicide. Tweet facts. Update your Facebook status. Blog about it. Wear yellow. Write love on your arm. Do anything you can to spread awareness. Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US. The 3rd among those aged 15-24 and 2nd among college students. Even those these rates are so high, suicide is also the most preventable cause of death. Reach out to a friend. Put the suicide hotline number in your phone. You never know when you or someone else will need it.

I made this short video as one of the many things I will be doing in honor of suicide prevention week. I hope it opens your eyes somewhat to the pain of what someone who is contemplating suicide is feeling and inspires you to get involved.



i started to bawl when i watched this!!! this is not ok!!! everyone needs to know whats up and whats going on!!

A kid on my street that I grew up with and was pretty much my brother committed suicide. It was a week before his best friend’s 1 year anniversary. I knew him too.. He committed suicide too.
…I’ve thought about it too…. but I’mm still heree.. for reasons.. 

This could save a life. FUCK THIS NOT BEING QUALITY.

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